The official Battlefield blog has a tantalizing post about the dirtbikes we will be seeing in the End Game DLC. Since we first saw the new trailer we’ve been pondering whether we’ll be able to use those bikes to do jumps, flips, and other awesome stunts that can only happen in BF3. The short answer to that question is: yes. Not only will you be able to perform amazing maneuvers, but the new maps will be set up for exactly that purpose.


We’ll be seeing four new maps, Nebandan Flats, Sabalan Pipeline, Operation Riverside and Kiasar Railroad. Each map will have different features and a different style. Jumps will also vary wildly from map to map. Affording to the BF blog, the Operation Riverside jumps will generally stand out from the surroundings and be relatively obvious. In the Kiasar Railroad map, jumps will blend more with the terrain and be more difficult to find. The devs wanted jump spots to fit in with each map, rather than standing out as obvious structures that scream “JUMP HERE”. Players will want to take their new dirtbikes exploring in search of new and exciting places to lift off.


The devs have also carefully tested and analyzed each jump to make sure it is challenging but actually possible and not just a deathtrap. We’d like to thank them for this, and we’re hoping dirtbikes play well with the Frostbite engine so we can have some more bizarre and incredible BF3 moments. Not that many jumps won’t kill you if you mess up. Hit that ramp at the wrong angle and you’ll find yourself connecting with a large rock. Of course, the BF3 devs actually want you to survive most of their creations, so they’ve helpfully added clues like trees to help you avoid the less obvious hazards and fix your approach angle before you leave Earth.


What else has the team revealed about the new dirtbikes? There will be a boost function that gives a burst of power and can let you do a wheelie on flat terrain or pull off some sweet moves when you hit it right before taking off. Unlike a real motorcycle, your passenger won’t add any weight or change the way your bikes handles. Feel free to impress your teammate with your skill, or take him with you when you crash and burn. If the driver is shot, a quick passenger can switch seats and save the vehicle and themselves. In true BF3 style, colliding with another bike in the air will result in a giant fireball. Actually, colliding with pretty much anything should result in a giant fireball. We’re looking forward to seeing video of people taking out aircraft with their dirtbikes. It’s really only a matter of time.